Campaign Update

We recently announced that Transforming Lives. Transforming Education, Lab’s Capital Campaign for $10 Million, has already reached $9.2 Million. We are grateful to three families whose gifts of $1 Million each have propelled Lab almost to the goal. They have so far been joined by more than 120 others whose gifts of $500 to $500,000 have been pledged to ensure Lab’s future  transformation. As we move into the final year of Lab’s Capital Campaign, we will reach out to all of Lab’s families to invite their support. Every gift – no matter the size – is an investment in Lab’s future.

Over the next year, we will continue to work hard to push Lab’s Campaign to – and beyond – its $10 Million goal. Now that we are in sight of our original goal and have another year to go, we dare to hope that we may exceed that goal and complete the transformation of the Middle School and Arts Center in a way that lives up to the excitement and standard of the newly emerging High School.

Construction Update

Construction of our new High School is progressing on time and on budget. We expect to be open in late spring of 2016. Drive by the project on Whitehaven Parkway and you will be amazed at the progress during the summer. The concrete has been poured for the entire building, and exterior masonry work and interior partitioning have begun.  Meanwhile, we are selecting architects for the next phase of our Reservoir campus transformation – the renovation and expansion of the Middle School, Arts Wing and Theater.