Donor Stories


Donor Stories

It Takes a Village

To build a new school and renovate an old one takes hundreds of planning hours, thousands of nails, and tons of concrete. But more importantly, it takes many committed people whose generosity, tenacity, and enthusiasm ultimately get the job done. We would like to thank each and every one of you who have donated so generously — both financially and in volunteer time. Below are the stories from a few of our donors. 

Frank Sands and his late wife, Marjorie Sands    

Frank Sands and his late wife, Marjorie Sands


"This is a story that demonstrates how my late wife Marjorie, and I feel about philanthropy.

Marjorie and I have always been interested in Western Art. Last summer we went to Reno, Nevada to attend an auction – widely regarded as the largest and best auction – of Western Art in the country.  After spending the day reviewing the collection, we focused on a particular painting.    As we discussed whether to bid on it, Marjorie said, “I get so much more pleasure from the gifts we give to the institutions we love than I do from another painting on the wall.”

Over the years, Marjorie and I have supported over two dozen educational institutions that we and our children and grandchildren have attended.  But none has rated higher in our priorities than Lab.  You (Lab) are truly in the business of transforming lives!"  - Frank Sands

Jane and Tom Winans, Alumni Parents

“Why do we continue to give to The Lab School? Because it meant so much to our child,” says Tom. “Lab is a wonderful school. It does great things for kids and their families. It also has innovative programs that it has shared with other schools in different parts of the country. It’s a leader.”

He added, “We think it’s important to continue to give to Lab,” says Tom. “The new High School will be a crucial addition to the whole school community and it will help children like our son blossom. We appreciate The Lab School.” - Tom and Jane Winans

        Vicki Burns, Current Parent

        Vicki Burns, Current Parent

Vicki Burns breaks into a cold sweat at the thought of asking people for money. But because she is so grateful for the eight transformative years her son, Scott, a junior, has already had at Lab, she agreed not only to donate generously to the Capital Campaign, but also to ask other parents to do the same.

“Although Scott will not benefit from the new High School, it’s very important to me to help Lab continue to be one of the best schools in the country for kids with learning differences, and the new building will help teachers expand and enhance their curriculum,” she says. “It’s hard to be a kid with a learning difference. It’s hard socially, academically … and it’s hard for the whole family. So, if kids can have a positive experience, especially in High School, and they develop their self-awareness and self-esteem, then that is a wonderful gift to be able to give.”   - Vicki Burns

We wanted to give a gift for a science lab in our son Jack’s name not only because he loves science but because The Lab School has been instrumental in helping him thrive beyond our greatest hopes. As a Lab School alum and as a parent, I see the transformation in the school itself, and in my child. So, for my husband and me, giving to the Capital Campaign was easy...and an honor.
— Sally Ewing Sagarese, Lab School alumna and parent

Lori Soto, Current Parent and Trustee

Lori Soto, Current Parent and Trustee

“Lab is our school community. Our kids and teachers need better spaces that give the students more pride and ownership in their school, no matter what grade or division,” she says. “Think of the new theater that will have a real stage, better lighting and sound, and enough seating for the throngs of families who want to see these amazing shows! And the classrooms — both in the new High School and in the to-be-renovated Middle School — will give the teachers and students less cramped, more innovative spaces to improve and expand all that they already do so well.”   - Lori Soto


Thank you!

Thank you to our amazing volunteers and donors! 

Thank you!

Thank you to our amazing volunteers and donors! 

campaign co-chairs

Hal Malchow

F. Davis Camalier


Mac and Barb Bernstein
Patricia Brown
Nancy Bubes
Davi Camalier
Ashley Dabbiere
Art Coleman
Mimi Dawson

Dr. Martha Bridge Denckla
Sheila Feinberg
Linda Fisher
Kate Fulton
Leah Gambal '87
Lilibet Hagel
Susan Hutton

John Jonas
Allyn Kilsheimer
Cal Klausner
Hal Malchow
Connie Richards*
Katherine Schantz **
Randall A. Smith*

Lori Soto
Bill Tennis
H. Brian Thompson
Mike Tongour
Ryan Wade

* Honorary Trustee
** ex officio



Carlos Angulo and Laila Sultan
James Appleby and Sara Martin
Heather Barr
Mike and Katie Beach
Abba and Loryn Blum
Ben Brown and Rebecca Bond
Andrew and Vicki Burns
Brian and Teresa Byrne
Paul and Lori Jo Carbonneau
Rea Carey and Margaret Conway/Flamboyan Foundation
Art Coleman and Christopher Lyon
Jon Cuneo and Mara Liasson Cuneo
Alan and Ashley Dabbiere
Tom and Krista Di Iaconi
Alex Diaz-Asper and Rachel Lerman
Hugh and Sue Drescher
Bill and Tina Evans

David and Sheila Feinberg
John and Laura FitzGerald
Matthew and Barbara Forman
Bob and Kathy Frazier/Verizon
Allan Freedman and Heather Morgan
Martin and Tricia Green
Jon Greenblatt and Linda Adams
Curt and Katharine Gunsalus
Andreas Gutzeit and Kakali Banerjee
Chris Hardimon and Lisa Balzereit/HSBC
Jason and Dana Harrison
John Hayes and Catherine Herridge
Chris Healey and Marya Myslinski
Christopher and Christina Herman
Michael Hichwa and Anita Brassart
Jim Humphreys and Dawn Carpenter
Tom and Susan Hutton
David and Rachael Jennings

Jeff Kline and Maria Bothwell
Bob Kyle and Kate Fulton
Dawn Laguens and Jennifer Treat
Gerry Lamb and Mary McGann
Ryan and Kim Lepine
Tim and Joey McKone
Charles and Jan McNamara
Craig and Ilene Miller
Bob and Christi Nichols
Bob and Leigh Ann Pusey
Khaled Rabbani and Katrina Holliday
Jon Riberas and Belen Orjales
Hilary Rosen
Mark and Sally Sagarese
Tige and Elizabeth Savage
Chuck and Sara Savitt
Robert and Michelle Senko
Michael Silence and Mary Ann Carter

Denny and Melanie Sisson
John and Hannah Smith
Dave and Maristela Sohier
Jesus Soriano and Corinne Graff
Ben and Lori Soto
Kim Sperduto and Marsha Pearcy
Chris and Amy Swonger
Wahbe and Vanda Tamari
Jim and Alice Taylor
Mike and Lalie Tongour
Jari Tuomala and Heidi Mattila
David Turner and Laura Filipescu-Turner
Ryan and Crystal Wade
Bill and Mary Frances Walde
Daniel and Natalie Wicks
Trey and Christina Wills
Daniel Zelikow and Marcelo Sanguinetti


Jane and Spencer Abraham
Stephan Barth
Mac and Barb Bernstein
Ed and Ellen Bodurian
Clarke and Judy Brinckerhoff
Alan and Nancy Bubes
Davi and Lynda Camalier
Marty Cathcart
Neil and Trish Cullen
Mimi and Rhett Dawson
Bruce and Claire Drury
Stephen and Debbie Ellick
Tony and Kathryn Everett
Charles and Betty Ewing
Linda Fisher
Frank Fromowitz

Joel Goldberg and Kay Kornman/Fannie Mae Foundation
Barry and Seena Gudelsky
John and Sheila Jonas
Freeman and Anne Beverly Jones
Adam and Andrea Joseph
Cal and Barbara Klausner
Marc and Elise Lefkowitz
Hal Malchow and Anne Mahoney
Tony Marra and Mary Sheehan
Alan McDonald and Candy Winkler
Doug Mishkin and Wendy Jennis
John Monahan and Annie Burns
Jerry and Cynthia Moore
Robb and Ginny Mulberger
Susan Petersmeyer
Christopher and Lisa Puchalla
Victoria Raskin
Jeff and Connie Richards

Ron Rosenblith and Page Gardner
Jim and Debbie Roumell
Karl Rove and Karen Johnson
Fred and Genny Ryan
Chipp and Davina Sandground
Peter Scher and Kim Tilley
Moire and Raymond Scherl
Peter and Kathy Tenhula
Bill Tennis and Sara Cartmell
Jari Tuomala and Heidi Mattila
Antoine and Emily van Agtmael
John and Ellen Villa
Jon Walters and Tessa van der Willigen
Tom and Jane Winans/ExxonMobil Foundation
Matthew Yeo and Karen Spangler
Daniel and Angela Yergin



Rachel Blitz
Nick Bodurian '08
Quinn Bradlee '01
Christopher Byrne '01
Debbie Ellick
Leah Gambal '87
Walter Jones '16
Barney Krucoff
Gwenn Lavine '10
David Mapes

Travis Martin '13
Jaclyn Mason '01
Adam McDonald '13
Jenny Pollock '97
Jack Puchalla '15
Sally Sagarese
Grant Thomas
David Walters '14
Charles White '03
Alex Yergin '03



James and Sandy Byrne
Charles and Betty Ewing
Jerry and Jerry FitzGerald
Allan and Susan Goodman
Bill and Marilyn Lane
Frank Sands
Menlo F. Smith
Janice Svendsen
H. Brian and Mary Ann Thompson
Dick and Betty Wiley/Wiley Rein LLP
George and Jinny Wilkes


Includes former trustees, gala awardees, staff and former staff, grandparents of alumni, relatives of current students, foundations and other friends of Lab

Luanne Adams
G. Chris Andersen - Awardee 1985
Paul and Saralyn Astrow
Jeff Atlas
Ben Bailey III
Frederic and Barbara Barnes
Dr. Mark Batshaw - Awardee 2005
Peter Beck
Morton and Grace Bender
Bessemer Trust
Patricia Brown and Joseph P. Gill
Fred and Sally Brumbaugh
The Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation
Carolyn Calkins
Patricia Calkins
Anne D. Camalier
Susan Carter
Marty Cathcart
Stockton and Judy Clark
Brooks and Karen Clark
The Clark Charitable Foundation
Clarke & Sampson, Inc.
Chuck Close – Awardee 1987
Michael Conroy
Coeur d'Alene Art Auction
Davis Construction
Martha Bridge Denckla
Albert Dwoskin
Richard Ford - Awardee 2014
Peter and Pat Frechette
Emily Freije
Edward G. Gallagher
Malcolm Goodridge III - Awardee 1988
Anthony Graham
Lisa Grozio
Elaine Gurian - Awardee 1993
Lilibet Hagel and The Honorable Chuck Hagel
Elizabeth B. Houck
John Jackson/The Liana Foundation
Rachel Jonas
Francis and Katherine Keating

Wendy M. Kilpatrick
Allyn Kilsheimer
Florence G. King
Robert and Arlene Kogod
The Edith and Herbert Lehman Foundation/Deborah Wise
Marc and Kay Livaudais
Robert Loftus
David Marcello and Jane Johnson
Jacqueline B. Mars
Barron Martin
Thomas and Linda Matkovic
Laurelle and Ron McCready
Bruce and Leslie McNair
Alan Meltzer/The Meltzer Group
Diana and Dick Meltzer
Richard and Lois Meyer
Jennifer Seller Miska
Doug Mishkin and Wendy Jennis
Tracy Paskoff
Penske Automotive Group, Inc.
Eric Perlish
Thomas Ricketts
Jim Rowe and Ms. Lisa Adams
Katherine Schantz and Alex Frederick
Charles R. Schwab - Awardee 2005
Stephen and Sally Seawright
Jennifer Sherman
SHW Group (now Stantec)
Nancy Smith
Randall A. Smith and Diane Sinclair
Thomas and Elizabeth Stakem
Abigail Stankovich
Richard C. Strauss - Awardee 1985
William and Betty Swift
Evan Thalenberg
Rosella Thorne
Tom and Allison Trentman
Kent and Patty Troup
Fred and Ann Vinson
Barbara Washburn
Liz West
Scott Wilson

In addition, during the 2013-2014 school year, 144 members of The Lab School faculty and staff contributed to a Combined Campaign, which included both the Annual Fund and the Capital Campaign.